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SHEMA ULTIMATE BUSINESS INNOVATIVE CONCEPT CORPORATION (SUBICC) is a 100% Filipino-owned company, patronizing home grown crops as major ingredients of its various lines of products, thereby helping many Filipinos sustain jobs and livelihood.

    SUBICC was initially conceptualized in 1998 and for the past years has evolved into a promising company as a result of combined ideas and experiences gained from association with various corporate and networking businesses.

    Its primary purpose is to serve as a channel for financial rewards through distribution of best quality products with an innovative business concept considered to be the best in the network marketing industry.

Our Name

    "SHEMA" is a Hebrew word which means, "hear", taken from Deuteronomy 6:4 that exhorts us to hear that the LORD our GOD is One LORD. The people behind this company are Believers in One God who have heard the call.

    The people leading this company are Christian Stewards and mission-oriented individuals who have been processed and mind-settled that the company and its undertakings are only entrusted to them by God - the Owner and Supreme Author of all its business operational systems and are meant to be shared with everyone without discrimination nor reservation in accordance with its vision and mission.

Our Vision

    To be an innovative distribution channel of God's blessing for a healthy and wealthy Philippines. To provide best quality products at affordable prices, and the best of services for customers' satisfaction and continued patronage.

    Moreover, to promote a balance in spiritual consciousness, family togetherness and economic security, through a trendsetting set of business policies and corporate values.

Our Mission

    To be able to provide best quality products and services through an innovative business concept that will open avenues of opportunities for Filipino families to recieve ABUNDANT PROVIDENCE not just for their "needs" but for their "wants" as well.

    We further commit to provide opportunities to economically secured people to also find spiritual security by helping them intensify their love for God, family, country and fellowmen.

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